Glenn G BW Headshot

Glenn Garrabrant is an American actor, writer, producer, and also the founder of Logan Avenue Productions. He wrote and produced the 2018 short film Eventual Blindness, which premiered online with the Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival and also won an honorable mention award from The Indie Gathering International Film Festival. Currently he’s also working as Associate Producer on the 2019 short film, The Keyhole, in a joint production between Logan Avenue and Optical Media. Glenn also wrote and is currently producing the upcoming short film Cal & Amy, due to be completed and begin festival submissions later this year.

In his acting career, Glenn has appeared in films such as The Keyhole (short, Optical Media/Logan Avenue Productions), Beesting (short, HKD Productions), A Day in the Death (short, Happy Squirrel Films), and also the upcoming feature The Pretender (Rum Lake Productions). His theatrical performances include Monticello (Aurora Theater Works), The People’s Choice, Einstein’s Gift, Muse of Fire, Creation’s Birthday (Genesis Theatrical Productions), Much Ado About Nothing (Midsommer Flight), When Angels Wept (New Lincoln Theatre), and more.

You can also find Glenn on IMDb. Thank you for visiting the site.

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